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Mission: To motivate young people to be better citizens.

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----- Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this school year as successful as it is. We hope to continue improving and to succceed in the years to come. Everyone stay safe and have a great summer.


Chipley High School JROTC goes to State level competition, where female color guard places fourth out of thirty-six teams. We are very proud of them.



Chipley High School JROTC Program Receives Grant from the Friends of NRA

On February 2, 2013, the Friends of NRA (National Rifle Association) Foundation awarded Chipley High School JROTC program with a grant in the amount of $8,242.92. The grant enabled the JROTC Marksmanship Team to purchase much needed equipment including:

·         1 Mobile 8-Lane Firing System

·         8 Single Scoped Gun Case

·         8 Spotting Scope

·         8 Tripod Stand

·         8 Scope Cover

·         8 Bipod Scope Stand

“We are very excited about the grant and really appreciate it. It allowed our Rifle Team to improve and progress further than we thought was possible” says Brittney Sanders, Chipley High School JROTC Rifle Team Commander.

In a rural community with so many citizens who own guns and participate in hunting season, it is crucial to practice rifle safety. Therefore, the Chipley High School JROTC program is also using the grant to educate the community as a whole on rifle safety and emphasize “No Safety Accidents.” The Rifle Team teaches a number of gun owners and users in the community how to properly, as well as safely, handle a weapon.

The equipment purchased with the grant contributed to a great increase in interest in marksmanship immediately. It also assisted in teaching cadets the value of marksmanship. The Chipley High School JROTC program has educated many students in rifle safety throughout the year. At the beginning of the school year, students participate in a safety course and are then allowed to try out for the Rifle Team. At the end of the school year, students are refreshed on what they learned during the safety course and are then allowed to attempt to earn marksmanship badges. Only JROTC instructors who have met a rigorous certification program may conduct marksmanship training. Cadets who participate must also complete training and pass a written test before being allowed to participate. Only air rifles are used and emphasis is placed on safety. The main goal of the Rifle Team is to have “No Safety Accidents.”

The JROTC program is a regular high school course with regular classes during regular school hours. But when it comes to benefiting the student, it is in a class by itself. A popular misconception is that JROTC is a recruiting tool for the military and cadets are somehow obligated to service in the armed forces. The fact is that JROTC is the Department of Defense’s contribution to the youth of our country.

The purpose of JROTC is: “To motivate young people to be better citizens.” By doing so, cadets will be successful in whatever career they choose and become productive members of society. In this way, JROTC strives to provide students with the tools they need to be successful in today’s job market.

Finally, as cadets progress, they hold positions of responsibility and leadership. They plan and participate in numerous school and community service projects that are documented in a portfolio.







The Chipley High School JROTC Program has been active since August of 2000.  We are proud to have maintained the status of Honor Unit with Distinction, to which all of our cadets have worked very hard to achieve.  This is truly a cadet-run program.  We have come very far since August of 2000. In the previous years, our cadet teams have placed among the top at competitions and is striving to do just as well this year. We would also like to give thanks to those who have helped the Chipley JROTC Program.


We have several teams who compete at Drill Competitions, go into the community for projects, and appear at public events to present the colors.

Drill Team - Our Drill Team is the core of our program's marching element. It is made up of many different team members together so we can have an experienced marching team for competitions. They also make up the large formation when we march in parades. Our Drill Team qualifies for the State competition almost every year.

Color Guard - If nothing else, we will always have a Color Guard. Bearing the State and National flags, the Color Guard is a small element who march abreas of each other. They also compete in competitions, as well as presenting the colors for football and basketball games, and leading the rest of our teams in parades. Like the Drill Team, our Color guard always excels by qualifying for the State competition every year.

Honor Guard - The Honor Guard is a 6-8 man formation who carry sabers and rifles. They go anywhere the Color Guard goes, and during competition season, they become our Armed Squad, carrying out a Drill routine with rifles.

Rifle Team - Our Rifle Team is strictly a competition team, firing pellet rifles in both postal and shoulder-to-shoulder competitions. A postal match is where each school fires at their own school and sends their targets to the host school to be grades. In a shoulder-to-shoulder competition, schools send their Rifle Teams to the host school and they fire at the same time on the host school's range. Last year, our Rifle Team went to the first State Rifle competition held in Florida.

Raiders - The Raider Team is the physical part of JROTC. Dealing with running, pushups, situps, map reading, first aid, and other survival and fitness skills, Raiders challenges every faculty a cadet has. Our Raider Team competes on an individual and team level, and has qualified for State Raiders two years in a row.

We are extremely proud of our teams and are going to do our best to get them to the different State Competitions this year.                                                   

We would like to recognize our gracious Sponsors of the Chipley JROTC








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