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If you See something, Say something

Northwest Florida Domestic Security Task Force (RDSTF 1)

In light of last week’s tragedy, the Regional Security Task Force would like to solicit your assistance in renewing the public message of the “If you See something, Say something” campaign. Now, more than ever, the vigilance of our community and their interaction with public servants is important. Due to the visible nature of each of our roles, we have the collective opportunity to reach a large volume people. Thus, we solicit your leadership in helping push this important message throughout your agency, and across the region.


We are providing each of you with examples of media files you can utilize to create, print and publicly advertise the “If you See something, Say something” message. (attached)


More “See Something Say Something” materials can be found on along with Public Awareness videos, Business-specific fact sheets, TV/Radio Ad materials and a link to an Awareness Challenge for High School and College Students.


Our region also has a See Something Say Something Banner (see Borrow this Banner.jpg) that you can borrow for display at special events.


Feel free to use these in future correspondence/outreach.


The more consistently we push this message, the more opportunity we create to gain access to valuable intelligence that will help us do our jobs.


The “If you See something, Say something” campaign is not just a law enforcement message. It is a message that all public service disciplines should be involved in and should promote on behalf of our collective goal; increasing public safety.


We appreciate the nature in which each of you carry out your roles as leaders in our community and as representatives to our Regional Domestic Security Task Force. As part of that role, please help champion the effort to increase communication and information sharing with the public by renewing our use of the “If you See something, Say something” campaign.


Thanks to each of you for your leadership.


Jack Massey, Special Agent in Charge

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

[email protected]


[email protected]