Name Title E-mail Phone
Kyle Newsom Principal
Alicia Clemmons Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Name Title E-mail Phone
Brock, Lele Guidance Counselor
Jeffries, Julie ESE Staffing Specialists
Patterson, April School Secretary
Roberts, Monica School Finance/Athletics
Shores, Jana Data Specialist/Registrar

Teachers and Faculty

Name Title E-mail Phone
Bauzo, Jorge Spanish
Broom, Kristi English I / English I Honors
Carter, Jesse Mathematics
Carter, Jessica Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 
Carter , Chelsea Transition Class/WCSD PLUS Program 
Coleman, Margaret Librarian, Intensive Reading
Collins , Belinda English III / American Literature & Honors AP Language and Composition
Compton, Andy Liberal Arts Math, Driver's Education
Dickson Jr., Sacher Algebra 1/CHS Softball
Dudley-Gilbert, Tracey Physical Education, AVID 9th & 10th, & Personal Fitness 
Ellis, Allen Physical and Environmental Science
Henderson, Lenora Chemistry
Jackson, Ciara Math - Algebra 2 & Algebra 1
Jared Finn, Sargeant Leadership Education
Kincaid, Jennifer Academic Analyst
Kindig, Tommy Credity Recovery, FL. Virtual Facilitator, ISS, Attendance Officer, Webmaster
L. Davenport , Richard Band
Lamb , James US History
Leslie, Martha Transition Class/WCSD PLUS Program 
Lolley, Janie English II/English II Honors
Major Chomos, William Leadership Education
Rehberg, Monica ESE
Roberts, Sharon Business Education
Russel, Kevin Drama, Chorus
Sapp, Jennifer Journalism
Saunders, Susan Math and Engineering 
Schimpf, Carol English/Language Arts, English 4, Leadership Skills Development, ENC 1101/1102
Smith, Kevin Mathematics
Solger, Brian Agricultural Education
Solger, Sandra Culinary 1, Co-Teach Geometry, ACT Prep
Summerwell, Rochelle Geometry
Webb, Alex American Government and Economics
Willis, Benjamin World History, AP World History
Wilson, Blake PE, Head Football Coach, Athletic Director