Name Title E-mail Phone
Kyle Newsom Principal
Alicia Clemmons Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Name Title E-mail Phone
Brock, Lele Guidance Counselor
Jeffries, Julie ESE Staffing Specialists
Kincaid, Jennifer Academic Analyst
Patterson, April School Secretary
Register, Abby Receptionist 850-638-6105
Roberts, Monica School Finance/Athletics
Shores, Jana Data Specialist/Registrar

Teachers and Faculty

Name Title E-mail Phone
Bauzo, Jorge Spanish
Broom, Kristi English I / English I Honors
Carter, Jesse Mathematics
Carter, Jessica Biology, Anatomy & Physiology 
Carter , Chelsea Transition Class/WCSD PLUS Program 
Cody, Sharon Paraprofessional
Coleman, Margaret Librarian, Intensive Reading
Collins, Stacy ESE Teacher
Collins , Belinda English III / American Literature & Honors AP Language and Composition
Compton, Andy Liberal Arts Math, Driver's Education
Dickson Jr., Sacher Algebra 1/CHS Softball
Dudley-Gilbert, Tracey Physical Education, AVID 9th & 10th, & Personal Fitness 
Ellis, Allen Physical and Environmental Science
Henderson, Lenora Chemistry
Henderson, Xaviera Paraprofessional
Jackson, Ciara Math - Algebra 2 & Algebra 1
Jared Finn, Sargeant Leadership Education
Kindig, Tommy Credity Recovery, FL. Virtual Facilitator, ISS, Attendance Officer, Webmaster
L. Davenport , Richard Band
Lamb , James US History
Leslie, Martha Transition Class/WCSD PLUS Program 
Lolley, Janie English II/English II Honors
Major Chomos, William Leadership Education
Rehberg, Monica ESE
Roberts, Sharon Business Education
Russel, Kevin Drama, Chorus
Sapp, Jennifer Journalism
Saunders, Susan Math and Engineering 
Schimpf, Carol English/Language Arts, English 4, Leadership Skills Development, ENC 1101/1102
Solger, Brian Agricultural Education
Solger, Sandra Culinary 1, Co-Teach Geometry, ACT Prep
Summerwell, Rochelle Geometry
Webb, Alex American Government and Economics
Willis, Benjamin World History, AP World History
Wilson, Blake PE, Head Football Coach, Athletic Director
Yates, Deborah Paraprofessional